Some of the Top Reasons go2 GUIDES is the Fast Becoming the Marketing Tool of Choice by Chambers, Business Associations, Tourism Bodies, Local Governments, and Businesses Australia Wide!

FAST to the point INFORMATION!

Mobile computing is about instant gratification… ANYWHERE! 

Today’s internet is no longer only at the end of a cable, phone line, or home network … its anywhere and everywhere your phone has signal! With this comes an expectation that users will find what they look for, and do so quickly. If your business is on go2GUIDES, this will happen!

FAST TO THE POINT INFORMATION! Unsatisfied users log off, delete the APP and look for others if their APP fails to deliver on its implied promise of… FAST TO THE POINT INFORMATION! While we accept images we encourage our listings to use a maximum of 150 words and images to a maximum of 2 (200x200x72dpi).

Frankly videos are a waste of bandwidth as they are expensive for the Smart Phone user to access and slow down the overall performance of APPs thereby DEFEATING THE PURPOSE of mobile computing. APPs are tools for instant gratification not extensive information!